After 39 years of work as a physiotherapist I am retiring and not accepting any new patients.

Clinical Pilates

I have been training with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and am running Pilates classes primarily for patients, current or previous. It is a low impact class, working at your own level. Numbers are limited so that you are assured of personal attention.

clinical pilates excercise

Pilates emphasises the importance of controlling movement from your central core and thereby helping to protect joints. It is designed to promote core stability, flexibility, good posture and body awareness. It is useful in helping the prevention of injury and recovery from recent injury and illness.

Classes in Bottesford

I have classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and on Friday morning in the Village Hall.

You will need to book a short assessment and introduction to the key principles before joining a class.

Please feel free to ring and discuss anything with me, including pricing and availability, on 01949 843106.